How Do Slot Tournaments Work?

Did you know that online slots can be used to compete against other players? A growing number of online casinos have a casino slot tournament category, operating a host of competitions with the chance of landing huge real-money payouts. Our guide to online slot tournament games explains how they work and any strategies for you to consider.

Slot Tournaments Explained

It’s kind of hard to imagine playing a slot game competitively against a fellow slot player. Traditionally, slot games have always been a game between you and the machine, but the tables are turning fast. Now, online casino operators are launching their own slot tournaments that not only allow you to play and win against your chosen game but other players within the tournament too.

If you’re curious about what an online slot tournament entails, buckle up and check out our guide to slot tournaments below.

What Are Slot Tournaments?

Online slot tournaments are competitions that require you to win as many spins as possible. The more you win, the faster you move up the real-time tournament leaderboard to be in with a chance of winning a prize.

Casino slot tournaments are designed to feed your competitive nature. Although there is very little skill involved, it’s a great feeling to sit at the top of a slot tournament leaderboard knowing that you’re locked in for a big cash prize or a huge amount of free spins to use on your favourite slots.

How do Online Slot Tournaments Work?

Slot tournaments are either free to enter or require you to pay a buy-in to take part. If your chosen slot tournament has a buy-in, your entry fee contributes towards the prize pool. The prize pool is then shared between the entrants that finish at the top of the leaderboard at the end of the tournament.

Free-to-play online slot tournaments will also have prize pools, but these are often contributed by the casino in the form of free spins or smaller-scale guaranteed cash prizes.

Most common types of online slot tournaments

There are several slot tournament formats doing the rounds online today, but the most popular versions are as follows:

Freeroll tournaments

Freerolls are completely free to enter. The prize pools of freerolls will vary depending on the casino. Sometimes you’ll get smaller cash prizes or even free spins for use within your chosen online casino.

Guaranteed tournaments

Guaranteed slot tournaments usually carry a guaranteed prize pool. This is provided by the online casino, although buy-ins may also contribute to making the prize pool even bigger than the guaranteed amount.

Survivor slot tournaments

Survivor versions serve to ramp up the competition element further. These tournaments are played in ‘rounds’. At the end of each round, the players at the bottom of the leaderboard are eliminated. Those still top at the end of the final round prevail.

Features of a casino slot tournament

Aside from the buy-ins and prize pools of an online slot tournament, there are several other in-game features to be mindful of.

Some tournaments will allow you to ‘rebuy’. This means you can pay the buy-in a second time to re-enter with your score set to zero on the leaderboard. ‘Add-ons’ may also be available in certain slot tournaments. This can be paid to strengthen your score on the leaderboard near the end of a tournament.

How do You Win an Online Slot Tournament?

The concept of an online slot tournament is simple – to get yourself in the top three of the leaderboard. Most casino slot tournaments will dish out prizes to those in first, second and third positions on the leaderboard.

The more you win on the reels during the active hours of the slot tournament, the more points you’ll have on the leaderboard. The bigger the win, the higher the points return.

Slot Tournament Strategies

Although the nature of online slot games is such that it’s impossible to rig or guarantee wins on the reels of your favourite games, there are several approaches or strategies you can take to improve your chances and maximise your tournament gameplay:

  • Only bet with what you can afford

    First and foremost, you should always play within your means. If you’re keen to dedicate some of your betting bankrolls to slot tournaments, decide how much and split this into units – preferably 50-100 units. Only risk one-two units per buy-in for each slot tournament. This will prolong your bankroll and account for the slot tournaments where you don’t win a cent.
  • Place the maximum bets with your budgeted stake

    The key to winning a casino slot tournament is landing those big wins that push you towards the top of the tournament leaderboard. To that end, it’s always best to bet the maximum. This will maximise your potential win multipliers.
  • Use all possible paylines

    The last thing you want is to miss out on a big-paying symbol combination, just because you didn’t activate all available paylines. Make sure all paylines are active to increase your winning potential.

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