Live Dice Games at The Clubhouse Casino

Craps, Sic Bo, Dice Duel are just some of the award-winning dice games that can be found at The Clubhouse Casino. Which one will take your fancy?

Take two or more dice, throw in a live dealer and sprinkle with a bit of online gaming magic: you’ve got an exciting betting experience. Otherwise known as live dealer dice games, these innovative offerings are yet another reason we’re the best online casino in the business.

We think you’ll agree, but you’ll only do that if you understand the basics of dice. So, to make sure you’re ready to roll with us here’s how to play a live dice game online. 

How to Play Live Dice Games

Traditionally, there are two types of live dice games in casinos: sic bo and craps. However, thanks to the power of digital technology, we can offer modern variants with a twist. These live dealer dice games have the same underlying premise as their classic counterparts. So, if you know how to play one, you can play them all.

Okay, so how do you play a live dice game? Simple: you predict the right combination. In a game of craps, you’re betting on numbers (i.e. the combined total of two dice) and hoping they’ll hit before craps (a specific total that ends the round).

In sic bo, you’re betting on the outcome of a roll involving three dice. You can speculate on single numbers hitting, you can bet on two-number and three-number combinations or you can pick groups of numbers such as pairs.

Live dealer dice games are as easy as that to play. You bet on the number/s you think will land and that’s it. If you can understand this, you can play any live dice game, from sic bo and craps to black dice live and Live Lightning Dice.

Live Dealer Dice Games at Clubhouse Casino

OK, so now you know how to play any live dice game, the time has come to show off what we offer. Once you become a member of Clubhouse Casino, you’ll not only get access to these fantastic live dealer dice games but every new product we add to our collection.

Sic Bo Live Dice Game

We’ve got more sic bo live dealer dice games than you can shake a stick at. As well as games using a traditional format from Ezugi and Playtech, we’ve got enhanced payout variants such as Super Sic Bo. These variants use the same fundamental structure as standard sic bo but offer additional bets that allow you to win prizes topping 1,000x.

Dice Duel

Dice Duel is Quickfire’s take on live dice games in casinos. There are two dice in play and you can bet on a variety of possible outcomes, including specific numbers, two-dice totals, whether the total will be odd or even, and special bets such as “red dice wins”.


Craps is a popular casino game that’s split into two betting rounds. A game starts with players betting on the pass. This is known as the ‘come out roll’. If the two dice show a total of seven of 11, pass line bets win.

If the total is two, three or 12, that’s known as craps and the round is over. Any other total becomes the “point” and the game moves to stage two. At this stage, players can bet on various totals or the point and win prizes until a seven is rolled and brings the round to an end.

Live Lightning Dice

This live dice game is sic bo with a twist. Basically, Evolution Gaming has added its popular Lightning technology to dice. That means your aim is to bet on the outcome of a roll involving three dice. However, to spice things up, certain outcomes can be hit with lightning. That adds prize multipliers worth between 50x and 1,000x to the mix.

As you can see, we’ve got plenty of live dealer dice games at Clubhouse Casino. They’re not only easy to play but extremely entertaining and engaging. So, if you want to roll with the best casino online, click our registration button now!