Online Casino Rules

When it comes to the operation of an online casino, operators like The Clubhouse Casino are under strict regulatory enforcement to provide a safe and fair framework for their customers to sign up, play and have fun. This framework spans everything from defining the general rules of casino games through to the transparent terms and…

When it comes to the operation of an online casino, operators like The Clubhouse Casino are under strict regulatory enforcement to provide a safe and fair framework for their customers to sign up, play and have fun.

This framework spans everything from defining the general rules of casino games through to the transparent terms and conditions of welcome bonuses and reload offers to existing customers. Customers should also be given clear and fair instructions on deposits and withdrawals, as well as the site’s complaints procedures in the event of any disputes or issues.

Below, we’ll explore the merits of online casino regulation for customers and why online casino rules exist primarily for the safety and responsibility of their customers.

General rules

Most online casinos will outline a set of general rules that define all elements of their site’s gaming to first-time customers. These rules span all their RNG-based table games and slots. They may have more specific live casino rules for their live dealer games like Baccarat.

Casino operators are duty-bound to promote and deliver casino games supplied by their partnered software providers. The marketing materials are usually provided by the software studios as part of their partnerships.

Most general terms and conditions will also reaffirm the decentralised, random nature of table games and video slots. The games may be displayed through the operator’s platform, but they are powered by decentralised servers, with the site having no influence over the outcome of any deal or spin.

It’s also normal for an online casino brand to admit no liability for any wagers made through its platform, apart from the transfer of money between your active player account and the game being played. Casino operators also readily define the general terminology they use in communication with their customers. For instance, a ‘bet’ will refer to wagers placed within the operator’s casino game library. A ‘prize’ will relate to any payouts, multipliers, jackpots or bonuses triggered during said casino game.

Bonus policy

It’s also important for first-time customers to establish the online casino rules and regulations surrounding welcome bonuses – particularly as they are one of the main attractions differentiating one operator from the next.

For instance, at The Clubhouse Casino, we go to great lengths to make sure our casino house rules clearly stipulate the bonus terms and conditions of sign-up offers and even any ad-hoc promotions to loyal, existing customers. This way there is zero confusion in the eyes of our valued bettors.

Within our own welcome bonus policy, we clearly state that our sign-up promotions are available to one customer per address and IP address. We consider this a fair approach to avoid unfair exploitation of our offer. This is by no means a unique approach to bonus policy. In fact, it’s a standardised move from most leading operators.

Transparent bonus policies should also clearly state the permitted deposit methods that are eligible for a welcome bonus. By the same token, they should also list the deposit methods that aren’t permitted for use with sign-up offers.

For full transparency, it’s also essential for online casinos to set out the wagering requirement element of their casino bonus rules. It should clearly state how many times bonus funds must be rolled over before they can be withdrawn or used as real, withdrawable cash. It should also define any time limitations on bonus funds to avoid any unwanted surprises.

Rules and guidelines of casino games

When it comes to each individual casino game, any operator worth their salt should define that each game is run through its own application. For instance, a video slot game does not run through the same application as a live dealer blackjack table. This can reassure bettors that the outcome on the reels of a slot game does not influence the outcome of cards dealt at a live dealer blackjack game.

Basic casino rules and regulations should also clearly explain how players can quickly access the full description of each game using the ‘?’ button visible in the top right-hand corner of most game application windows.

Any online casino licensed and regulated in Ireland will also reiterate that as soon as a bet of any type has been placed and confirmed within a game application, it cannot be altered or returned to you. Casino operators generally state that a player’s loss of connection or device error is not grounds for bet cancellation and that all wagers are placed at the bettor’s own risk.

It’s also common for online casinos to state that they reserve the right to set a ceiling on maximum bet sizes, as defined by an operator’s in-house security policy.

Payments policy

The terms and conditions of a reputable online casino shouldn’t just cover the basic casino cash-out rules, they should also explain the dos and don’ts regarding deposits and withdrawals.

Operators will usually have a strict payment policy, which is usually governed by the iGaming jurisdiction which licenses their services. The need for anti-money laundering (AML) initiatives has reinforced the need for operators to insist that bettors withdraw funds using the same methods used to deposit funds. All of this is for identity purposes and prevents gambling winnings from being used for illegitimate means.

Trustworthy online casinos should use their general terms and conditions to stipulate how many active payment methods a player is allowed to link to their account. These terms shouldn’t just set out basic casino card game rules, but they should also explain average withdrawal speeds to provide the utmost transparency and instil confidence in bettors.

Claims, disputes and queries

No online casino operator intends to give players a bad experience. At The Clubhouse Casino, we are passionate about making online casino gaming safe and fun for all players of legal age. However, if there are instances where things haven’t worked the way they should, it’s equally important for bettors to have a platform to air their grievances and seek help.

Most general terms and conditions will outline an operator’s complaints procedure, outlining the quickest way to raise a dispute. These terms should also clearly state the average time taken for a dispute to be resolved.

In addition, general casino rules and regulations will also clearly outline an operator’s responsible gaming stance, including the wealth of safer gambling measures open to bettors. This is something that’s becoming an increasingly important feature in casino regulation in Ireland or anywhere else in the world, in a bid to stamp out problem gambling. Today’s measures typically include daily, weekly and monthly deposit and loss limits, as well as time-limited or permanent self-exclusion options.