Play the Best Online Live Roulette at The Clubhouse Casino

Roulette is the most popular live casino game at The Clubhouse. Here we give you some tips on basic roulette strategy and explain all show you what the odds of winning are.

Known to some as the devil’s game, on account of the numbers on its board totalling 666, but more commonly referred to as a top offering at Clubhouse Casino, roulette is a game you have to try. Naturally, as the best online live roulette casino in the world, we’re going to say that. However, when you remove our bias for live roulette casino games from the equation, you still get the same result.

Why? Simple: you can be as general or specific as you like with your predictions when you play live roulette online casino games. If you want to bet on a single number, you can. If you want to cover 12 numbers with a single bet, you can.

This ability to be more general or more specific allows you to adjust the amount of risk you’re exposed to. That, in turn, makes roulette the ideal game for every type of player. This is perhaps the reason why it’s so popular here at Clubhouse Casino. Those of you who haven’t been exposed to the wonders of roulette are in luck.

This guide will outline the basics of online live roulette casino games. It also gives you a preview of the world-class games we offer. So, if you want to know why we’re the top online live roulette casino in the business, scroll down for the lowdown.

How to Play Live Roulette

You need to know the basics before you play casino roulette live or online. Fortunately, those basics are simple to master and can be summed up with a single sentence.

The aim of roulette is to predict where the ball is going to land on a spinning wheel.

When you strip everything back, that’s the fundamental aim of any roulette game you play. It doesn’t matter if it’s a live American roulette online casino game or a modern variant such as Lightning. All you’re trying to do is predict where the ball will land.

You make your prediction by placing chips on the betting board. The numbers on the betting board correspond to the wheel. So, if you’re playing European roulette, there will be 37 numbers on the wheel running from 0 to 36. The same numbers will be listed on the betting board.

Each number is either red or black, except zero which is usually green. These colours are important because, as we said at the start of this live roulette casino guide, you can be as general or specific as you like. So, for example, if you want to cover all the red numbers with a single bet, you can.

As well as colours, numbers are categorised by their position on the betting board and their value. Specifically, they are grouped into dozens (i.e. a third of the board), columns (12 numbers in a column), odd/even and low (1-18) and high (19-36) numbers.

The next section of this live roulette casino guide will outline all of the possible betting options in a neat table. However, what we’re trying to show here is that roulette allows you to bet on numbers and categories of numbers. Beyond this, your job is to make bets based on where you think the ball will stop on the spinning wheel. Simple!

Live Roulette Odds & Strategy

The best online live roulette casino strategy should be based on your own preferences. We’ve got a whole article dedicated to roulette odds and strategy which you can read by clicking here. However, when you break it down, the power of roulette is its ability to offer something to everyone.

You can shoot for bigger payouts by accepting more risk, or you can lower the risk and play for smaller payouts. This dynamic means you’ve got the ability to play in a way that suits you. What we’re saying here is that roulette gives you more scope to create a personalised strategy than many other online casino games.

Of course, to devise a strategy, you need to know the bets, odds and payouts. You can only make informed decisions and manage the risk vs. reward equation with the facts. Now, we should say that the house edge, odds and payouts can vary depending on the live roulette casino game you’re playing.

We’ll discuss the differences between certain variants in the final section of this guide. For simplicity’s sake, the following table features the facts for European Roulette. We’ve chosen European Roulette over live American roulette online casino games because it has the best odds. Moreover, European roulette is used as the basis for more novel variants than its American cousin.

Online Live Roulette Casino Odds

Roulette BetPayoutOdds of Hitting
Straight Up (a single number)35:12.7%
Split (two-number split)17:15.4%
Three-number split11:18.1%
Four-number split8:110.8%
Five-number split6:113.5%
Street (six-number split)5:116.2%
Column/Dozen (group of 12 numbers)2:132.40%
Odd or Even1:148.60%
Low (1-18) or High (19-36)1:148.60%
Red or Black1:148.60%

Live Roulette vs Video Roulette

The best live roulette casinos offer a variety of live dealer games, as you’d expect. We do that but we also like to offer what’s, ironically, a more traditional form of online roulette. Even though roulette has been played in live settings for centuries, online casinos were built on digital offerings.

We haven’t forgotten our roots, which is why we offer a heady mix of digital and live roulette online casino games. You’re free to play them all. In fact, we think you should try every variant we offer. If you’d prefer to be a bit more targeted, here are a few ways live and video roulette differs from each other.

Online live roulette casino games are:

  • Games are controlled by a human dealer who spins the wheel
  • There are set time limits between each betting round
  • There are video animations and chat from the dealer

Online video roulette games are:

  • Games are controlled by a random number generator
  • There are no time limits betting each betting around
  • Minimum betting limits are lower than live games

The Best Live Roulette Games

The best live roulette casinos go above and beyond when it comes to options. How do we know that? Because that’s exactly what we do. We’ve said it more than once, but we’ll say it again: we’re the best online live roulette casino in the world. This means we have dozens of top-rated online live roulette casino games.

You’ll need to be a registered user to play casino roulette live. That’s because the majority of our live dealer casino games can’t be played for free. We’d love to offer demo versions of our live games, but the costs involved mean it’s not possible.

Having said this, you can load up a live roulette game and watch other people play so you can get a feel for how things work. However, if you want to join the party and play for cash prizes, you need to create an account. Once you’ve done that, make a deposit and you can enjoy these fantastic live roulette casino games…

European and American Live Roulette

We can’t claim to be the best online live roulette casino out there if we don’t cover the basics. Fortunately, we do. We offer European and live American roulette online casino games, so you can get an authentic gaming experience directly via your computer or mobile.

Themed Live Roulette Casino Games

Our online live roulette casino games cater to all tastes and cultures. Indeed, as part of our mission to outperform all the best live roulette casinos, we’ve made sure our dealers can communicate with people from around the world.

In practice, this means you can play themed games. From the South American Fiesta Ruleta and Turkish Lightning Roulette to Romanian Roulette, we’ve got games that cover a variety of countries and languages.

Prestige Auto Roulette Live

Some of our live casino roulette games don’t have dealers, but that doesn’t matter. Thanks to automated technology and some clever gaming machines, we can offer high-paced roulette experiences without dealers.

Mini Roulette

If you like live roulette but want to multitask, mini is the variant for you. This game has all the classic features of roulette but is scaled down so that you can focus on other things while the wheel spins.

Speed Roulette

The best online live roulette casino games tend to tick over at a fairly swift pace with an average time of 30 seconds between spins. However, if you want to speed things up, you can. Live Speed Roulette reduces the time between rounds to 25 seconds.

Lighting Roulette

As the best online live roulette casino in the business, we’ve got a variety of enhanced-payout games. The most popular is Evolution Gaming’s Lightning Roulette. Random numbers are chosen as the wheel spins. These numbers are hit with lightning bolts that increase their value.

So, instead of single-number payouts of 30:1 (this is lower than standard roulette), you can win up to 500:1 if you bet on a lightning number and it hits. For those who want even bigger payouts, we also offer Xxxtreme Lightning Roulette which has multipliers that take payouts up to 2,000:1.

Quantum Roulette

Quantum Roulette is very similar to Lightning. The RTP of this Playtech game is 97.30% and, like its counterpart, up to five numbers are chosen at random before a betting round ends. Any number that’s boosted will offer payouts worth between 50:1 and 500:1.

Mega Roulette

The best live roulette casinos online offer Lightning and Quantum, but very few go a step further and add Mega to their gaming lobby. Well, as you’d expect, we’ve gone that step further. Mega Roulette is Pragmatic Play’s take on enhanced payouts. Up to five numbers are chosen at random to receive prize multipliers worth between 50x and 500x.

Mega Fire Blaze Roulette

Mega Fire Blaze is Playtech’s take on enhanced-payout live casino roulette games. Like its counterparts from other developers, this game boosts up to five random numbers. However, in a break from the norm, a “Blaze” can boost up to five extra numbers.

In another twist, there are four jackpot multipliers. These multipliers can boost single numbers and splits. What’s more, they can trigger enhanced payouts worth up to 10,000:1!

Double Ball Roulette

The developers at Evolution clearly had Wrigley’s famous slogan, “double your pleasure, double your fun”, when they created this game. Instead of one ball, this game has two. This means you can bet on multiple outcomes.

Two balls not only increase your chances of making a correct pick, but it also opens up interesting payout opportunities. Basically, you can win more if two balls land in the same spot. Specifically, if two balls hit the same number, you can win up to 1,300:1 on your bet.

Age of the Gods Roulette

This live casino roulette game is linked to Playtech’s famous progressive jackpot slot, Age of the Gods. The game plays out as normal except for one difference: there’s a jackpot slot. Basically, if the ball lands in the Age of the Gods slot, you get to spin a mini-slot which contains prizes worth up to 100:1.

As well as the mini-slot jackpot game, you would win one of four progressive prizes worth upwards of €100,000 on any spin. These progressive jackpots hit at random, which means anyone can win at any time.

Football Roulette

Fans of football will love this live roulette online casino game for a variety of reasons. Firstly, the gameboard and wheel are decorated with football imagery. Secondly, the monitors behind the dealer flash up the latest football scores from around the world.

Finally, there are football-themed side bets. The game itself uses the European roulette format. However, for added fun, you can make a “goal” side bet and score prize multipliers worth between 3x and 100x.

Who Wants to be a Millionaire Roulette

Who Wants to be a Millionaire live roulette combines enhanced payouts with bonus games. Like Lightning roulette et al, random numbers are boosted at the start of the game. In addition to prize multipliers topping 500x, you can enter the Millionaire Bonus if you bet on 0 or 00 and it hits.

The bonus round features 15 levels and you have to make correct guesses in order to move up the payout ladder. Each question is the same: will the ball land in sections A, B, C or D?

Each right answer moves you to the next level and, to help you along, you get extra lives and checkpoints. Payouts in the bonus game range from 1x to 10,000x.

Live Roulette FAQs

What are the best online live roulette casino games?

We have dozens of world-class live roulette casino games, including classic European tables and bonus payouts games such as Lightning Roulette, Quantum, Double Ball, and Age Of The Gods Roulette.

Are live roulette online casino games fair?

Yes. All of our live dealer casino games are tested and certified as fair by independent agencies. What’s more, you get to see the action play out in real time.

Can I win money playing casino roulette live games?

Yes, you can. As long as you’re a registered user of Clubhouse Casino and make a deposit, you can play our real-money online live roulette casino games and win cash prizes worth upwards of €100,000!

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